Car Keys Express Spotlight With Sam’s Club And Clear Image Events

Author: Clear Image Events | | Categories: Direct Marketing , Job Opportunities , Marketing Firm

Are you a car owner? Do you have issues with your keys? It is common for most people to forget their car keys inside the car and lock it. Most people also tend to lose their car keys, and they have no other option except to make new keys or access a car key replacement service. Here’s how we at Clear Image Events can help. Our partner, Sam’s Club, offers you OEM Car keys, fobs, and remotes to help make your life easy.

At Sam’s Club, they manufacture quality products that are cut and programmed on-site. What’s better is that the OEM car keys, fobs, and remotes are forty to seventy percent cheaper than any dealership. The aim is to replace or provide extra sets of keys/remotes for vehicles without the added stress of going to a dealership every time you need a replacement. These services are beneficial to anyone owning a vehicle. If you need a replacement key, fob, or remote, just hit us up. They program the products specifically for you, and you can use it like you would with any normal one. Instead of going to the dealership and paying two or three times more, come to Sam’s Club for your unique replacement needs, and they will have it customized for you. Our prices start at just $49.98. These specialized services are only available through Sam’s Club.

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