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When people learn, we know that they grow, so we invest in their professional and personal development. At Clear Image Events, the training that our associates undergo is very hands-on. We go through a proven four-cycle development process to ensure that all our associates are well-trained to grow in their respective roles.

Phase One

At this stage, the employee's focus is on one-on-one sales training, initial training (perhaps as an overview of the whole job) and the opportunity to observe other competent people perform a task. Throughout this step, we introduce our new joiners to the necessary marketing techniques where they can master marketing psychology and learn about our clients. The role comprises specific responsibilities such as coordinating with clients and management to build compelling marketing campaigns for the target audience. Here our manager works on an individual basis with the coordinator, training, drawing on experience and backgrounds to offer direction and feedback.

Phase Two

The second phase is Campaign Management, in which the person is given more responsibilities by the Campaign Manager, who is in charge of local sites. They are sometimes assigned to handle three areas at a time. Campaign managers are supposed to take all teams on-site, coach based on metrics coming in, and assist H.R. with onboarding and other tasks. They cannot afford to deal with situations emotionally alone. In this role, the person will be ranked based on their ability to manage and solve logic and perseverance problems. As a Campaign Manager, they also handle many people and programs. Here, the Campaign Manager's promotion will produce sales results for different clients.

Phase Three

Thirdly, we have an Assistant Regional Manager, also known as A.R.M. Their work comprises 60% behind the scenes management and 40% front-end implementation. The behind-the-scenes action includes hiring and training sales associates, monitoring inventory, scheduling, balancing profit vs. loss margins, and overall responsibilities to improve sales and expansion opportunities. Regional managers also determine all stores' operational methods in the area, ensuring each runs smoothly, complies with marketing and sales campaigns, and meets budget and sales goals.

Phase Four

Under this final phase, we have the Executive Regional Manager's role. This position is given to those with prior experience managing multiple marketing brand campaigns while taking accountability to reach targets. Their responsibilities include working remotely, managing a territory with our retailers and clients, supervising a team of salespersons, and setting bankable goals. Our ideal Executive Regional Manager will combine excellent communication skills with a strategic mindset. Eventually, they will ensure that the engagement area meets and surpasses our business objectives' expectations and contributes to our company's success in the long run.

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Clear Image Events offers Business Management, Direct Sales, and Marketing Job Opportunities across Boulder, Denver, Aurora, Littleton, Centennial, Hudson, Castle Rock, Bennett, and the surrounding areas.

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