Common Mistakes People Make When Promoting Merchandise

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Marketing your business offers opportunities you can capitalize on. As a small business owner, these opportunities can be an exciting way to promote your brand through various combinations of marketing activities. Moreover, you can tailor these activities to work best for you and get the word out about your small business to your potential consumers. However, there are few bad practices that can waste away a lot of time, energy, and money. It can also shift you away from your marketing plan and prevent you from maximizing your investment. To help you avoid costly errors before you make them, Clear Image Events has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when promoting their merchandise.

1. Off scripted and fake
This mistake mostly happens when you try to sell a product rather than finding a customer who needs the product. You will need first to begin building a relationship with your consumers. You can’t find a need if you don’t get to know your audience. Next is the easy part: simply cater to each individual’s product rather than say the same robotic line from one customer to the next.

2. Taking it too seriously
It’s easy to fall into the mindset of having to be perfect when promoting your product. In reality, we are all humans, and humans make mistakes. Not every interaction will be perfect. What’s more important is having fun. When you’re enjoying what you sell, your customers can sense it and will naturally be more inclined to inquire about the promotion.

3. Not dreaming big enough
It’s all too easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. When you fail to see the big picture, it becomes exponentially easier to be discouraged and give up. How to counter this is by road-mapping your goals to success. If you know why marketing directly benefits you, it becomes much easier to continue working at it and improving.

4. Failure to close the conversation
We all know how uncomfortable it can be when it comes to closing a conversation, especially if you are asking your customer to buy your product. This happens because people misunderstand the purpose of closing a conversation. The point is not to try and convince your customer to buy a product. The close is simply meant to end a conversation. Correctly closing a conversation will force the customer to decide if they are interested or not. Failure to properly close leads to run-on conversations and customers needing “more time” rather than deciding at the moment.

5. Not adapting to change
In sales, certain factors are always changing. Maybe it’s a promotion or even possibly the location. It’s easy to get comfortable doing things one way, but in an industry that is always changing, this will significantly hold someone back. The goal is to become a problem solver. Many people can find a problem but the person who succeeds is the person who solves the problem the quickest.

6. Thinking in terms of hours rather than dollars
Sales revenue is generated through sales. Most people, though, will think in terms of hours worked. The most successful in the industry are those who go until the work is done, not the ones who work until eight hours is up.

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